About the Founder

Kurt Schwab is the Founder and National Director of Veterans of Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom (VOIEF), a national service organization that offers support, assistance and a safe haven for the men and women who served – and, often, suffered – in the recent wars. A second generation military man – his father James Schwab was a Marine during the Cold War – Kurt Schwab enlisted for active duty as an airman in the Air Force in 1986, seeing action in Panama during Operation Just Cause. In 1990, Kurt transferred to the Air Force Reserves, serving in Desert Shield and Desert Storm. In 2000 he cross-trained to become a C-130 Loadmaster. In 2004, Kurt and his crew were held under armed guards in Ecuador, a country in South America. In 2005 Kurt was deployed to Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom where he flew numerous combat missions with nearly 300 combat flying hours.

Kurt found it difficult to adjust back to civilian life after leaving the Air Force in 2007, and he still does. With an awareness of the limitations of VA services and a commitment to his fellow veterans, in 2009 he founded VOIEF. The non-profit organization is dedicated to helping Operations Desert Storm, Iraqi and Enduring Freedom troops, veterans, and their families with problems incurred as a result of their service.

A Message From Kurt Schwab

I first recognized the need for The Veterans of Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom (VOIEF) in mid-2008. There were few organizations then to assist Desert Storm, OIF/OEF Veterans. I also noticed that numerous veterans who have trouble coping are having second thoughts about going to the VA, because they don’t want to bother anyone. I want this Organization to be a safe haven for veterans so they can openly talk with comrades who have had similar experiences. This organization not only helps those who have already returned, but also those who are yet to come home.

Too often, we hear of veterans taking their own lives at a rate of one every eighty minutes because they are unable to cope with their families, their friends, or general living due to always being on edge. Our organization tries to step in and deter any further problems the veteran encounters.

Our goal is to help, support and offer direction for returning veterans, with access to resources or solutions to problems they encounter. We help these men and women cope with any issues they may have while trying to transition back to civilian life.