VOIEF is now a Mobile program to support our current military, veterans and other veteran organizations with comfort food, holidays, morale events and much more.



Veterans of Operation Iraqi and Enduring Freedom has been asked by US Veterans and other entities to help with logistics of receiving/dispersion of all incoming Ukraine humanitarian aide materials.

Donations are currently being stored in Poland as a team of US Veterans and volunteers are working to directly disperse donations to those in need in Ukraine.

With the technical experience and knowledge to handle humanitarian relief efforts, VOIEF has been asked to standup logistical operations In Krakow, Poland for volunteers, warehousing and distribution of donated items for Ukraine. VOIEF is actively sourcing funding to finance a commitment of the first year of humanitarian relief operations and will re-evaluate efforts as the war in Ukraine continues.

"As a Veterans Organization we sometimes have to give back to our communities. Being asked to step in and help is a complete honor and we would like to make it clear to President Zelenskyy that we are here to help you and your people by making sure they receive the care and items they need" - Kurt Schwab, Executive Director, VOIEF
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Together we can make a difference for those who ensured our freedom

We need your support! We are now considered the only veterans organization with a mobile kitchen program here in Texas! Our new mobile kitchen program supports our military, military families and veterans.

 While we are at the beginning of this program and available to provide cookouts, holiday help, camaraderie or just a place to sit, relax and talk with our volunteers when needed.


VOIEF is available to all service members, and veterans. As a 501 (c)3 organization, day-to-day operations are funded, with YOUR help, through individual donations, corporate sponsorships, grants and fundraising activities.

Please donate what you can today, your donation is tax deductible!*