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VOIEF is now a Mobile program to support our current military and veterans with comfort food, holiday’s, morale events and much more.


Together we can make a difference for those who ensured our freedom

We need your support! We are now on the verge of being the only veterans organization with a mobile kitchen program here in Texas that will support our military, military families and veterans whether in the field, at the shooting range, deployments, homecomings, holiday’s and much more.

While the world has continued to change our military and veterans are still needed to protect our great nation. Our organization continues to support our military with our new mobile kitchen program. While we are at the beginning of this program, we will still be available to provide cookouts, holiday help, camaraderie or just a place to sit, relax and talk with our volunteers when needed.


VOIEF is available to all service members, and veterans. As a 501 (c)3 organization, day-to-day operations are funded with your help through individual donations, corporate sponsorships, grants, and fundraising activities.

Please donate what you can today, your donation is tax deductible.


Watching a loved one deploy to another part of the world is hard and VOIEF knows this first hand. Let us help ease the unknown with a cookout for the families and unit members.


VOIEF knows the excitement and joy of a loved one coming home after a long deployment, let us help you and the families celebrate by providing food and beverages.

Family Days/
Morale Events

Your unit may want to think about a family day to help keep the bond between family and unit. Let VOIEF help you with a cookout!